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Have you ever eaten a lemon drop? Your face puckers as you suck the sour coating off to get to the sweet lemony center. What if you just got the sweet center? Let us take care of the sour, the nitty-gritty details, while you sit back and enjoy the sweet—the wedding of your dreams come to life without so much as lifting a finger. Limitless design and planning meetings allow our team to get to know you, so that we can collaborate and guide you through every step of the planning process: timelines, budgeting, seating plan, RSVP tracking, design and more. Let us help you create a timeless event that is uniquely yours.

Bespoke Wedding Planning and Design


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At any size, I believe a wedding should be an intimate and personal experience. Transcending ‘the now’ and becoming a true classic by reflecting the en-pointe aesthetic of the couple (you!). Let us guide you in throwing a celebration you can look back on and smile, because it was all about your fairytale. 

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What do you love about weddings? Trend you hated?

I love getting to be a part of a couple falling in love all over again as they begin the next chapter in their story together with a celebration that is uniquely them. I always end up needing Waterproof mascara. I could do with never seeing another blush and beige Pinterest wedding ever again.

Three fun facts?

I am a mama to two beautiful girls. As much as I love a good hustle on a wedding day, nothing beats the quiet chaos of a day at home with my girls. I love to spend my evenings in the kitchen cooking and baking…or maybe just watching The Great British Bake Off. I am an avid lover of history and theatre.

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A wedding should Be A celebration and reflection of two families joining together. A joyful and luxurious experience that does not sacrifice comfort.

Emma has a background in art and travel management and applies her discerning eye and logistical know how to your big Day.

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Event Coordinator

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What do you love about weddings? Trend you hated?

I live for the Payoff of all of the hours of work when the curtain rises, and the show begins. Everyone can enjoy the day without a thought to the behind the scenes, The mechanics of the wedding are the last thing on a couple's mind, because we have taken care of you. the garter Toss is not my favorite tradition.

Three fun facts?

I am A watercolor enthusiast. During Covid I picked up playing the ukulele. It’s pop not soda, if you know you know. 

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II. Event Managment

I. Planning & Design

Here at Lemon Drop Event Co. timeless and elegant does not have to translate to impersonal, boring, and overdone. Relax, have a cocktail, and show off your engagement ring. We have everything else covered. Let us create your twist on a classic with the bespoke and intimate wedding of your dreams. 

To ensure a personalized and intimate event to every client, Lemon Drop Event Co. only takes a limited number of weddings. Inquire below.


- Jodie

"Thank you, Brooke, for preparing such a lovely evening for us. Not only were we daunted by the prospect of setting everything up ourselves, but we also knew that doing so would come at the cost of our desired results, would cause us to sacrifice time with our guests, and would prevent us from fully enjoying the celebration. Because of your services, we were able to relax, interact with our guests and, most importantly, focus on the reason why we were there. 

- Daniel, Bagley Wedding

"As part of a wedding gift to my niece (who was attempting to plan her own wedding), I hired Brooke. In addition to saving my niece a couple of months of stress in dealing with anticipated preparations, Brooke saved my niece the stress of having to deal with unanticipated preparations. Because of her experience, attention to detail, and clear communication, Brooke was able to identify several things that my niece hadn’t considered, thus enabling her to avoid larger issues down the road. It was also great to have Brooke as a “day of” person. She has organizational skills that rival a field marshal: She made sure that everyone had what they needed and that the wedding party knew their roles, their marks, and their cues. Brooke coordinated with the venue, the florist, the caterer and the officiant, and she kept things running smoothly on the day by making sure that guests knew where to go, members of the wedding party knew where they needed to be, and everything was in its place. I can’t speak highly enough about Brooke’s services. The bride was very happy with her wedding, the groom was happy that his bride stopped asking him so many questions about the wedding, and I was happy to provide this testimonial.

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